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Located in the south of the Guanzhong Plain and the capital of the Shaanxi Province in China, the city of Xian reflects and recalls the rich and remarkable Chinese civilization and culture. Xian Travel Guide provides you authentic information on this marvelous city.
The rich history of the city dates back to 11th century BC when it was constituted as the capital city by eleven feudal dynasties. Western Zhou, the Sui, the Qin, The Han and the Tang are to name a few of them. In the past, Xian was called Chang'an.

Xian Travel Guide offers information about the geographical features of this city. Surrounded by the Weihe River in the north and the Qinling Mountains in the south, the city more or less enjoys a monsoon climate. All the seasons can be distinguished clearly. It is cold and dry in winters, and hot in summers. July, August and September are the months of the rainy season. Excluding the winter season, any other time of the year is apt to explore this amazing city. The Weihi Plain is again surrounded by Tongguan in the east, Baoji in the west, Huangtu Plateau in the north and Qinling mountains in the south.

The population of Xian comprises of about six million people including the Hans, the Huns, the Manchus and the Mongols. Majority of them speak the local dialect. But the official language is mandarin and the dominant religion is Buddhism.

Xian Travel Guide provides information on the hotels in Xian. The city harbors many hotels of different grades. Some of the most eminent ones are, Howard Johnson Ginwa Plaza Hotel, Garden Hotel, Xian Paradise Resort, Sheraton Hotel, and Grand Mercure On Renmin Square. The major tourist attractions in Xian are Small Wild Goose Pagoda, BanPo Site, Great Mosque, Famen Temple, Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, Great Wild Goose pagoda, Huaqing Pool, Stele Forest, QianLing Mausoleum and Maoling Mausoleum.

Xi'an Tour Sights

Terracotta Warriors
Big Goose Pagoda
History Museum
Great Mosque
Ancient City Wall
Tang dynasty Show
Forest of Stone Steles
Small Goose Pagoda
Bampo Neolithic Village
Drum Tower
Huaqing Hot Springs
Bell Tower
Dumpling Dinner
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