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Tibetan Culture

Tibetan CultureIt has been claimed and repeatedly echoed in the west that Tibetan cultrue is being ruined. In fact, ever since the early 1980s, great efforts have been made to rescue ancient classics and traditional cultural relics. A case in point is King Gesar, The 100,000-line epic has been orally passed down through history. Rescuing it has been one of the major projects undertaken by the state ever since the 1980s, and special organs have been set up for the purpose. Registered epic singers total over 40 people, including Zhaba (an old artist) and Yumei (a young woman artist from Nagqu Brasslands). Gambian Gyamco, he specialized in the study of King Gesar, was the director of the office of the King Gesa of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Over two decades, they recorded thousands of tapes. Based on this, over 3 million copies in 100-plus volumes of King Gesar in Chinese were published. In addition, close to 100 articles and dozens of works, one th epic, were published. This proved to be an unprecedented cultural harvest in history.

Efforts made to gather and compile folk literature, opera, music and dance are also crowned with great success. Books published as a result include Collected Folk Songs of Tibet, Collected Folk Stories of Tibet, Collected Folk Sayings of Tibet, Collected Tibetan Music, Collected Tibetan Dances, and Tibetan Operas.

The Shoton Festival (also called Yoghourt Festival), the Ongkor (Harvest) Festival and some other traditional events have been restored, and become merged with the performance of Tibet opera, song and dances, and sports activities. During the national ethnic minority sports meet in 1999, the Tibetans astonished everyone with their achievements in various traditional items.

Traditional Tibetan paintings and sculptures have also been restored and carried forward, and a good contingent of young artists is cutting a brilliant figure in these arts.

Tibetan Culture Organs set up for Tibetan studies now include eight research organs, including the Tibetan Academy of Social Sciences, and more than 20 research centers including the China National Center for Tibetan Studies in Beijing and Sichuan Tibetology Center. They have compiled and published more than 1 million volumes in some 300 kinds of Tibetan classics, and collated and published pattra-leaf sutras in Sanskrit. Symposiums and academic exchanges have been held for domestic and international Tibetologists. More than 10 kinds of journals, such as Tibetan Research, Tibetology in China, China's Tibet, Tibet Folklore and Tibetan Buddhism have been published.

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