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Tibet Climate & Weather

Tibet Climate and Weather

The best season for taking a Tibet tour is from April to October. But various route has its own golden times:

  1. Lhasa, Tsedang, Shigatse: As the weather and tourism facilities in these places are quite good, So you can visit them in anytime for enjoying the breathtaking scenery!
  2. Lhasa - the border of Nepal / China: This area is not available for tourists from Dec - Jan because of the snowed land; every August, the rain season, landslide will be occurred!
  3. Mt. Everest area: it is too cold to the tourists visiting this area from Oct to April! But the beauty of the roof of the world will move you in anytime!
  4. Ali (Mt. Kailishi): You can enjoy the wonder in this area at the time of every May, June, July, Sep, Oct without the trouble of the landslide by the heavy rain & snow.
  5. East Tibet: Don't touch this area in Winter & and in Jul, Aug, as there will be a terrible landslide in Summer and frozen load in Winter!
  6. North Tibet: Since it is too high with the average altitude at 4,500M, you only can appreciate her beauty in Summer!
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