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Home >> Tibet >> Shigatse >> Sakya Monastery

Sakya Monastery

Sakya Monastery, Tibet tour Lhasa Travel China trip
Sakya Monastery, Tibet Travel China tour Lhasa trip
Sakya Monastery, Lhasa Travel Tibet tours trip

Sakya is 150km southwest of Shigatse (and 25km from Lhatse), and the 150km journey takes at least 6 hours. The monastery is set in the midst of a large plain straddling a river. The village around has become a Chinese community, and the Tibetans have become very corrupt.

What stands here today is the old Southern Monastery, an imposing Mongol-style structure. (The Northern Monastery was completely destroyed during the cultural revolution). The Monastery today still resembles a massive fortress, with turrets at each of the four corners of its huge walls. The views across to the mountains and the carvings thereon are wonderful. The monastery was built in 1268 and is designed with thick walls and guard towers. The Sakyapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism have ruled this temple throughout its history, famous for their custom of hereditary succession and patronage by Mongol rulers.

Inside the temple are many chapels and halls dedicated to various Buddhas such as Sakyamuni and Manjushri. Also, there are many large Buddha statues, some of which are actually burial vessels for former abbots of the Monastery. The central courtyard of the monastery features a huge prayer pole with chapels around the area.

For great views of the surrounding landscape, you can walk the great walls protecting the monastery.

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