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Home >> Zada Clay Forest sightseeing and tour

Zada Clay Forest

Zada Clay ForestA day from Shiquanhe along the road south, 255 kilometers into the line like spring valley, arrived in Ali Zada County. Zanda County, the famous landscape scenery forest soil area. Ancient forest soil is subject to the impact orogeny, lake sedimentary strata long-term by cutting water and gradually weathering, special landform formed thereby. Forest soil in the trees up to the level of scattered tens of meters, varied and do not have fun. Meanwhile the car is moving, like many around the giant foot circle.

However, since about 1100 years ago, the same twilight, stands the moment is powerful Guge Kingdom palaces and monasteries. From the existing residual decadent ruins imaginable scene was great, so far from the immediate circumstances comparable. Zanda soil forest landscape called lakes geologically phase Cause in millions of years of geological changes. Geologists research, more than one million years ago, is among the Rada to Kaplan radius of 500 kilometers of the Great Lakes, the Himalayan orogeny lake rises, decreasing the water line, red grind storey building, after wind and rain erosion on the steep rise steeply carved out of rock today looks like. Horizontal rock landscape by flooding, erosion, weathering and the formation of a unique landscape, tall and straight steep, majestic scene. Meandering river flows quietly like spring in the valley in the forest soil, just like being in Wonderland, a fantasy sleepwalking very world. Bright sunset Emmanuel forest soil gives life, like a castle, groups of towers, a Dingding tent, layers palace, mixed Saga, deportment thousands, facing masterpiece of nature really breathtaking.

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